Welcome to Freelancepesa

Welcome to FreelancePesa!


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As a Kenyan freelancer, you have landed home. We offer the best PayPal to Mpesa withdrawal service in Kenya. Our service is instant and reliable. Our aim is to bring convenience to freelancers by making it possible for them to withdraw their money from PayPal instantly, reliably and at affordable rates.

We strive to offer the best service by offering prompt service at fair rates. We are legit and boast of more than three years working with freelancers from all over Kenya.

We are open throughout the week including weekends and holidays.

Simon Karugu

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    51 comments on “Welcome to Freelancepesa”

    1. By julie Reply

      I was registering with paypal n they need a bank card or an equity account both of which I don’t have does that mean I will not be able transact?

      • By Simon Reply

        Hi Julie, when registering you can bypass that step. While it’s important to link your PayPal account with a debit card, it’s not a must.

    2. By Screven Reply

      Exceptionally good service! I was apprehensive at first but everything checked out. Freelancepesa definitely meets the hype! I would unreservedly recommend it to anyone in search of a reliable a means of transferring funds from their Paypal account to Mpesa.

      • By Simon Reply

        Welcome Screven.
        It’s always a pleasure when a customer is satisfied.
        Thank you for your compliments.
        Spread the word about us!

    3. By Florence Gaitho Reply

      This is by far the best service provider I’ve come across. Very reliable even on weekends! I’m impressed!

    4. By DICKSON Reply

      your service is one of best and it’s reliable and trustable too. no fuss no stress!

    5. By said Reply

      hyy bro.
      is it possible for me to receive your cash from mpesa if my paypal account is not verified?

      • By Simon Reply

        Hi Kelvin, Kindly contact us through 0725481867 any time through the day and we will be glad to assist you make the withdrawal.

    6. By Arnold Reply

      Thanks so much, I was in a really, really tight fix and needed instant coin and you delivered, instantly. Thanks again.

    7. By kelvin Reply

      1.how long will it take you to transfer mpesa to paypal?
      2.is it a must to link my paypal with bank account to access your services?

      • By Simon Reply

        Hi Kelvin,
        It takes about ten minutes to complete the transfer. We advise our customers to verify their accounts but if unverified, we still serve them but let them know it needs to be verified because PayPal has its own limits

    8. By Rob Reply

      hi, i live in South africa and want to send money from my paypal to my mpesa account. im in South Africa. How do i do it ?

      • By Simon Reply

        Hi Rob, Thanks for your interest in our services. Unfortunately we only serve residents of Kenya residing in Kenya

      • By Simon Reply

        Caren, opening a PayPal account is easy. Just visit their website and sign up. Use your real identity and it is not a must that you link it with a debit card when signing up

    9. By cyrus mugo Reply

      I want to open a pay pal account and i don’t know my postal code. How do I obtain one.

      • By Simon Reply

        Hi Cyrus, You can get your postal code online by performing a Google search. It is unique to a particular post office.

    10. By Angie Reply

      Hi Simon, aint your service super interesting. it will really save me bank time i would love to get to know more on how it works kindly through my email so i get your assistance.
      Hope to get a mail from you, Thanks in advance.

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