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Welcome to FreelancePesa, the trusted, convenient, secure and reliable PayPal to Mpesa withdrawal service in Kenya.

From the onset, we expect you are a Kenyan freelancer who gets paid via PayPal, so you must have a PayPal account registered under your official name. This applies to both personal and business accounts. This is how to go about Paypal to Mpesa cash withdrawal at Freelancepesa. It’s easy, fast and seamless.

  1. Use the PayPal to Mpesa calculator to calculate how much you will receive on your phone. Please note that the figure the calculator displays are the exact amount you will receive after the charges. Also note that we use a flat exchange rate for amounts over $100 only.
  2. Call or text us on 0725481867. Alternatively, you can fill the contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Note that calling or texting is the fastest way to reach us.
  3. We will then you send you the registration procedure, which involves you sending us a copy of your ID or Passport for registration and identity verification. This is a one-time requirement. Note that before you can use our PayPal to Mpesa service, you will need to complete the registration. Notify us as soon as you send your ID card/passport to avoid any possible delay in the process.
  4. Upon registration, we will send you the  PayPal to Mpesa withdrawal procedure. A transaction takes less than 5 minutes to compete.

Points to Note

In case of any challenge completing the registration or making the withdrawal, do not hesitate to contact us and we will guide you throughout the process. You can read about some popular challenges here.

Please note that it is always important to notify us before withdrawing to avoid unnecessary delays. Even if you have been using our service, you should first notify us before each PayPal to Mpesa withdrawal. Once you’re done, let us know how your experience was. Your feedback is always appreciated.




18 comments on “How It Works”

  1. By isaac kimani Reply

    Hi. Thanks for the good job you are doing. Going by the comments i read. I guess you guys are quite okay. Keep up.
    I have an issue though, with the color fonts, it’s to faint & the size of the font to small. Plse make it slightly bigger, more darker and more outcoming. Thanks.

  2. By Noel Reply

    My paypal account was limited and banned for 180 days so I cant transact and some funds remained there. Can you be of help please?

  3. By Denoh Reply

    These guys are not only legit but very efficient. I’d recommend people to them. Thumbs up Simon and your team.

  4. By eldaah Reply

    Was initially uncertain about this but proved this is the best service ..very quick fast reliable and legit

  5. By Brian Omamo Reply

    fast and reliable as always, i’ve been using Simon’s services for several months now and i am glad i stumbled upon Freelancepesa.com on one of my web searches. 10/10 on efficiency and effectiveness, keep up the great work
    Loyal Customer.

  6. By vic masea Reply

    the best exchanger so far,willow i cannot ask you to stop using Simon because without Simon the world of Paypal to Mpesa would never be sweeter than this!Thank you all for your prompt responses!Cheerz guys

  7. By willow Reply

    how sure should i be with this site. i was once duped in a such manner and i fear losing again. please convince me that this is not a scam.

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