Step 1 - How it works

You can now withdraw from Paypal in less than 5 minutes. Kindly, visit the link below to read how it works.

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Step 2 - Our Calculator

Use our online calculator to see how much you will receive. Click the link below to visit the calculator page.

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Step 3 - Contact us

The final step. Call, whatsapp or text us: 0725 481 867. You can also use our email: info@freelancepesa.com.

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Welcome to Freelancepesa-Trusted PayPal to Mpesa withdrawal Service.

We offer the best, trusted, and most reliable PayPal to Mpesa withdrawal service in Kenya. After receiving your money through PayPal, we know you want to access it as soon as possible. We process transactions in less than five minutes.

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For more than six years now, we have assisted over five thousand Kenyans withdraw their PayPal funds by acting as PayPal to Mpesa agents.

Why Use FreelancePesa?

  1. Security.

Transactions happen securely over PayPal’s website. As such, the security of your PayPal account is not compromised.

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  1. Speed.

We boast of a quick delivery time averaging 5 minutes. There is no need to wait for hours or days.

  1. Awesome Rates.

Our exchange rate is regularly adjusted to ensure that at all times you are getting the highest value out of your dollars.

  1. Reliability.

We are a reliable PayPal to Mpesa withdrawal service, having been in operation for over 9 years. Our service is available over weekends and public holidays.

  1. Convenience.

Our mode of operation is convenient for our clients. All you need is a Phone/laptop and an internet connection. Initiate the transaction, and sit back for a few minutes.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Use our PayPal to Mpesa Withdrawal Service

Use our fast and reliable service. No waiting. Just get in touch with us and we will help you withdraw money from PayPal right to your M-pesa within a few minutes. Call Us on: +254725 481 867 or Email: info@freelancepesa.com.

Withdraw from PayPal

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