Paypal to Mpesa Calculator

Current PayPal to Mpesa Exchange Rate: SHS.120

The rate applies after the deduction of charges. Charges depend on the amount you are withdrawing (see the table at the bottom for a breakdown of the charges).

Use our PayPal to Mpesa calculator below to calculate how much money you will receive when withdrawing from PayPal using our service. The calculator gives you the amount that you will receive in your M-Pesa account after charges and conversion.

We regularly adjust our exchange rate in line with the prevailing rate to ensure you are constantly getting the fairest rate.

Contact us now and withdraw your money from PayPal to Mpesa instantly

Our charges are as follows:

$100.00 and above8.3%
$70.01-$99.998%+ $1
$30.01-$70.007.5%+ $1
$10.00-$30.007%+ $1.3
$0-9.99Not allowed

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139 comments on “Paypal to Mpesa Calculator”

  1. By Maggie Reply

    That was smooth and fast. I will use your service again but you need to improve the rates because the dollar is at 111.

  2. By John Muthami Reply

    For the first i was worried since i didnt know who i had was sending my money to,but my money was in my mpesa within minutes after i sent it,i am not worried about your services,i will keep using your services,keep the trust going,kudos freelancepesa

  3. By Onserio Reply

    This is actually the best mode of transaction. I don’t regret knowing about FreelancePesa. Fast, reliable and credible. Thanks a lot. You are of great assistance where there is none.

  4. By Brian ombuya Reply

    These guys are the best…😎😎..very fast and reliable…fair charges too…you obviously want to transact with them again..keep up with the good services

  5. By Kevin Reply

    Always efficient. The site looks great especially the additional feature (WhatsApp).

  6. By Collins Otieno Reply

    I have never met an online service where nearly (if not practically)100% of clients are satisfied with. This is (not to exaggerate) the first one in Kenya. Simon God bless you and continue in the same spirit. I have used this service since 2016. It’s up to the standard.

  7. By Shiko Reply

    Thank you one stop freelance services. you are the best. 1 year now and you have never disappointed me

  8. By John Guantai Reply

    Still the best provider of this service. You guys are great. You have never disappointed me. Keep up the fantastic job. 🙂

  9. By John Guantai Reply

    Am not telling anyone to do what I do….but I have developed so much trust and confidence over the years with Simon (I have never met him n person) that at times I just forward my dollars without even calling him…n…true in less than 5 mins I get my cash….Okay there is this safcom-mpesa thing but frankly…..more about that later….for now I still use and trust my Simon

  10. By Moses Reply

    I have been using freelancepesa for long and never disappointed very fast and very efficient thank you Simon for the trustworthy service really helped me most in getting my online earnings to the pocket.

  11. By Tony Omary Reply

    Have used this service for the past two years.

    No need to wait for days. The best when you need instant cash.

    I recommend his services.

  12. By Clerry V. Samuel Reply

    Its been over 4 years since I started using the service. Simon has always delivered on his promise of making PayPal to Mpesa withdrawals a reality, effective and admirable. Thanks Simon & team.

  13. By Philip ndolo Reply

    Thank you guys for coming through for me at my hour of need. be blessed. will be coming back every week

  14. By Ian ateka Reply

    I was sceptical at first but their SErvices are 100% legit …very fast and helpful. I’m looking forward in doing another transaction WITh you guys.

  15. By Everlyne atieno ong'aro Reply

    I love PayPal just started using it about 4 weeks now …it’s the best service ever…be blessed brother keep the good job up!

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  17. By Enock Reply

    This is a good guy I am using his service after two days and I get my money faster. I like his service.

  18. By Lawrence Reply

    Thank you Simon. Your service is reliable and fast. Thank you again

  19. By choge Reply

    just got paid. right now. thanks simon you have no idea how you have made my day. thanks again.

  20. By Gift Reply

    Had some reservations at first and decided to try with a small amount. Now am sure I’ll be back again and then again. Thank you for your service. very fast and also offering one of the best rates.

  21. By Muiru Simon Reply

    Simon’s work is excellent, he even goes the extra mile. My friend thank you so much for being that professional, and personal too. I recommend you to everyone. I can testify to your awesome work. Thanks my friend.

  22. By Kipngetich Peter Reply

    Thank you so much for your service. Indeed it is the most convenient way of transaction.

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  24. By Willy Reply

    It’s been 2 months now using your services and all I can say is: You are quick and reliable.
    Thanks 🙂

  25. By Olare Reply

    This is a legitimate, timely and dependable service I’ve ever seen. Thanks freelancepesa for your convenient and trusted services.

  26. By George Reply

    gaining someones trust is never that easy; at least not where money is involved. For three strikes now, Simon has proven to be a great and ethical business man. He is faster and trustworthy. I am looking forward to carrying out even bigger transactions with Simon. So if you are out there, still wondering if this is real or not, you are probably missing out. Give it a short and you would not be surprised.

  27. By Kiragu Reply

    Simon was fast ,friendly and very reliable.I would recommend him any day .Keep it up Simon

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  29. By Ramah Reply

    In the past I have used several services to withdraw money, but since i discovered this, i have remained loyal, why? Their rates are the lowest within the industry; they are prompt, and operates any time.. These guys are just so efficient and reliable..keep up your good work..will recommend you to any one…Just love u!!!

  30. By Clare Suchi Reply

    I have been using Simon’s services for a month now. He is very fast and reliable. I always get my cash within a few minutes after sending. So if you’re looking for a trustworthy person when it comes to PayPal to Mpesa transactions, I highly recommend Simon.

  31. By indegwa Reply

    I have been using this service …. today is my second time. Your rates are very reasonable. Thanks guys and keep it up.

    • By Simon Reply

      Thank you Ndegwa, you are always welcome to use our service and to tell your friends about us.

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